Hair done, make up done – on to dinner and drinks!

Sassafraz in the heart of Yorkville has been around for what seems like decades and has become a true staple in the repertoire of fine dining in Toronto. Also a place I have never ventured to although heard of and driven by – you guessed it – 100 times! There’s no denying that Sassafraz oozes with an air of high class and exclusivity and you can sense it from the second you are greeted by the pretentious hostess. Luckily this attitude seemed to start and end with her. We were seated at a table right in front of the wine cellar in a beautiful open spaced area of the restaurant (see picture). The air and ambiance is very relaxing, almost spa-like, with the waterfall and the walls of greenery. Very cozy and intimate whether you’re with someone special or a group of people.

Amuse-Bouche aka “mouth amuser” – don’t worry, my mind went there too, but in this case it was a bite-sized appetizer of tuna and creamy sauce which is meant to prepare us for the decadence ahead. Dinner can be summed up in three words – Best Risotto Ever! But before the risotto came into my life we started with a Crab Cake – blue crab cake with smoked tomato coulis and radish salad. Not usually a big seafood fan but this crab cake just melted in my mouth. Then came the risotto – the Lobster Risotto – double smoked bacon and corn risotto with butter poached lobster. For a girl who doesn’t like seafood much, I definitely ordered alot of it! There are no words to describe this meal except that it was perfect. Cooked to perfection, blended with preciseness and presented like a piece of art. Like a clandestine affair, I just couldn’t get enough. There was no room for dessert (shocking I know) since the two bottles of Valpolicella were setting in and making all future decison making rather difficult and fuzzy.

The 3 Samantha’s and one Carrie are off to get their drink on!

Address: 100 Cumberland Street
Parking: Two underground parking garages on Cumberland/Street parking if you’re lucky
Dress: Dress your Best
Price: Pricey
Ambience – 9/10 – beautiful from the inside and out
Service – 8/10
Food – 9/10 menu does lack some selection but absolutely delicious

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