Negroni – CLOSED

Because I’m not tempted enough when it comes to food on a regular basis, I also subscribe to newsletters which fuel the fire every. single. day.

About a month ago as I was perusing my daily edition of the Sweetspot newsletter, they profiled Negroni on College Street, otherwise dubbed by them as Panini heaven. I have a profound love for sandwiches. It’s my safe “go to” food whether I’m on a date, attempting to be healthy or simply just unsure about what to order. The sandwich to me is the perfect meal. A Panini in my books is what I call a sexy sandwich – maybe it’s the fancy bread, maybe because its grilled or maybe its how all the toppings fuse together to make a taste sensation that I’ve come to love.

Because I’m so lucky I find myself working RIGHT ACROSS from Negroni. Something told me that my work would order in a lot from this place (and they do) so I needed only to be a littttle patient before these little pieces of sandwich heaven were introduced into my life. The first Panini I tried (and by far my favorite) was the Mortadella/Soppressata with provolone, arugla, spicy pickled peppers, mayo. I am a horrible, horrible Hindu girl. This Panini made mostly of cured Italian sausage and pork literally melts in your mouth and then kicks you on its way down. Just like most of the food that makes the top of my list, it blends taste, flavor, spice and everything nice. I’ve also had the pleasure of sampling the Roasted Chicken with provolone, arugula and red onion mayo and the Segovia Sausage with fontina, slow roasted onions and sundried tomato pesto. The chicken was definitely great but also probably one of the safer choices on the menu. Not a fan of the sausage one since I turned it over at one point and there was oil just dripping out. 😦

I’ve never actually sat inside Negroni to experience the ambience and service but from my brief walk-in to pick up my food one afternoon it seemed like a great spot for a casual lunch with plenty of seating inside and small quaint patio on the outside.

Side Note: Menu is very vegetarian friendly – not like I would take advantage (horrible, horrible Hindu girl)
Second Side Note: because the panini’s come in two halves they are PERFECT for sharing/swapping!
To try:
Marinated Mushrooms with goat mozzarella and arugula pesto (okay maybe I’m not SO horrible)
Prosciutto, smoked mozzarella, red onion mayo

Address: 492 College Street, 416-413-0005
Parking: Plenty of street parking and two lots within walking distance
Price: $$ (all panini’s between $10-12)
Service: n/a
Food: 8.5/10
Ambience: n/a

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  1. I, like you, LOVE sandwiches. I will put ANYTHING in a sandwich!!! The paninis in this picture look so good – can't wait to try it!! Thanks for posting 🙂

  2. MJ says:

    you will love this place! its very cute and there's a little something for everyone's taste! glad you enjoyed 🙂

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