Duff’s Wings

I’m on the hunt for a few things this summer (food wise – lol) – the best sangria, the best pizza, nicest patio and of course, my personal favorite, the best wings in town! During the good ol’ days of Laurier, wings were always a standard part of my weekly dining – Morty’s wings anyone? So it’s only natural that I find myself a new spot and introduce the wing night back into my life. Wings and beer on a hot summer day, love it!

On this particular warm and balmy Tuesday I find myself at Duff’s Famous Wings on College. Have I mentioned how much I love working on this street? My two buddies VK and AB, also fellow wing connoisseurs join me after a 2 week planning session of trying to get together. Why and when it got so hard to meet up for wings and beer I have no idea! We lucked out because Tuesday turns out to be Duff’s wing night – $6.75 for 10 wings with the purchase of drink. We got there for about 7ish and there was about a 10-15 minute wait for a table. Once seated we noticed that not only was the line-up starting to lead out on to the street but that it was constant for the entire 2 hours that we were there. Good sign I would say.

The first thing I noticed was that although the flavors were pretty standard they were all measured on a SHU scale. What’s a SHU scale you ask?
“ The Scoville Heat Unit (SHU) is the standard for measuring the heat of a pepper. It is a measurement that involves adding sugar to a solution until one can no longer taste the pepper. The wing sauces SHU values used on the chart have been carefully estimated to represent the degrees of heat and are based on the SHU of a cayenne pepper.” Educational and delicious!

The chart:
0 – Plain
0 – Honey Garlic
0 – BBQ
800 – Mild
1,500 – Mild Medium
8000 – Hot Honey Garlic
8000 – Spicy BBQ
10,000 – Medium
23,000 – Medium Hot
35,000 – Hot
150,000 – Super Hot
500,000 – Death
850,000 – Armageddon

I’m a medium girl, not too spicy but definitely not mild. And yes I was talking about my wing flavor preference 😉
On this day I decided why not up the ante a little and go for the Medium Hot. Definitely do-able. I may even try to raise my own stakes and go for the Hot next time.
We decided that the criteria which wings should be judged should be different then other food. Quantity, size of wings and sauce distribution (that was VK’s personal contribution, he’s very passionate about good sauce distribution).

Duff rates a solid 8.5/10 across the board – 10 wings in a serving, good sized (not too big and not too small) and ample amounts of sauce which makes for great sauce distribution.

Definitely up there in the search for the best wings in the city, although apparently I’m missing out by not having tried the New York Butter wings at Turtle Jacks….

Address: 558 College Street, 416-963-4446
Parking: Plenty of street parking
Price: $

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