Summerlicious 2010 – Mildred’s Temple Kitchen

For the record, no my name is not short for Mildred, Millicent or Milorad for that matter. Its just Mili, short and sweet just like me lol 😉

On yet another Summerlicious adventure, we’re headed out to Liberty Village to check out the popular and much talked about Mildred’s Temple Kitchen. Once you find this place (I swear it took an entire BBM conversation, 3 phone calls, a U turn and a very confused look on my face) you are instantly taken in by the huge space, open concept kitchen and ultra modern decor. The place wouldn’t be best described as cozy but as one of my lovely dining partners MM described it “its kind of like a space-aged cafeteria but with comfier seats!” We were seated inside although they did have patio which is small but definitely cozy.

If you think the name of this place sounds familiar its because only a mere few months ago they created a great deal of controversy by encouraging their patrons to “celebrate” Valentine’s Day in their much talked about bathrooms. The bathrooms have actually made the top 10 list of Best Restaraunt Bathrooms in North America. Go figure.

Back to the food…

Our Summerlicious menu consisted of:
Panzanella salad — garden fresh tomatoes, crunchy garlic crouton, caper berries and Italian parsley
Roast chicken breast with green bean potato salad and tomato relish
Mildred’s Classic Profiteroles with Lindt milk chocolate ice cream

I usually love tomato salads, especially in the summer time. It’s the perfect refreshing appetizer to any meal. This one however was a little on the oily side. It was almost as if they forgot to shake the dressing and ended up pouring most of the oil out instead of the dressing! The main meal was pretty standard, meat, potatoes and veggies but I’ve learned it’s how you put these three basics together which really makes the difference. The green bean potato salad melted in your mouth, the chicken was juicy and tender and the tomato relish added a sweet after bite to the chicken. Wiped my plate clean. The dessert was great mainly because of presentation! Profiteroles (which took me about 5 tries to pronounce correctly) are a flaky pastry which Mildred cut into two pieces and scooped a ball of Lindt milk chocolate in between. That’s right ICE CREAM SLIDERS! Honestly, it wasn’t really extraordinary in any way but they just looked so cute.

The regular menu otherwise is a combination of small appetizer sized plates meant for sharing and then traditional fare like burgers, hot dogs and pizza designed with “grandma’s recipe” in mind. Oh and the service. Not only were the waiters VERY nice to look at but SO incredibly nice and hospitable, the smiles never left their faces.

In the words of Mildred “Worship Flavor”.

On the menu for next time:
Gnocchi Poutine (just think about that for ONE second – good lord)
Flatbread with caramelized onions, arugula and goat cheese

Address: 85 Hanna Avenue (Liberty Village
Parking: Parked in the big plaza with the Metro, otherwise I believe there’s street parking and underground parking that I couldn’t find
Price: $$$
Service: 8.5/10
Food: 7.5/10
Ambience: 8.5/10

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