Friday Nights Live @ the ROM

Remember those grade school field trips to the museum that we all dreaded and just used as an excuse to get out of the classroom and create trouble with our friends?  Well believe it or not but the museum is now actually a hot place to be!


Thanks to the Royal Ontario Museum they’re giving us a chance to relive our childhoods but in a more adult way.  Introducing Friday Nights Live @ the ROM!  Every Friday from April 20th to June 22nd, the museum keeps its doors open beyond regular hours from 6pm to 11pm and features the best in the city’s food, drinks and cultural programming.  Cover is only $9 and food and drinks start from $5.

This is exactly the kind of event I looked for when I wanted to try different things in the city and explore those places that were always on my list but I never got around to going to.

Low and behold a perfect chance to visit the ROM and not feel like I’m 12 again.

For more information on the weekly event themes visit:

On my list to check out:
May 11 – Photography
May 25 – Toronto Live
June 8 – Music
June 22 – iDrum presents Gondwana Beats

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  1. Thanks for the great article! Have you been able to make it to any of the Friday Night Live @ROM events?Check out the link for some great photo's from last week. -ElectriCITY Events

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