Buca has been on my list of places to go since it opened back in 2009.  Finally I had the opportunity to visit Rob Gentile’s now infamous and still wildly popular restaurant in the heart of King West.  Between raving co-workers and friends and a few mixed reviews, I was excited to finally get the chance to make my own opinion on this traditional Italian resto.

Buca is located in the back alley way just east of Portland next to Mexican restaurant Valdez (the old Cheval and an AWESOME spot for tequila!).  Upon entering, you are taken down a slightly winding staircase and enveloped with brick walls, dark wood dim lighting and the smell of all things delicious.  I found out that it was old 19thcentury boiler room which would explain the simple and clean décor and setting.


We were a little early for our reservation so we parked ourselves at the bar which is in the front foyer (best way to describe it) and proceeded to order the only Prosecco based cocktail.  Obviously amazing and delicious.  Our party arrived and we were seated and started to pour over the endless options on the menu.  We all decided to share the Salumi Di Buca (meat plate) and asked if the chef could select the options.  We also shared the Nodini (warm bread knots in olive oil, rosemary, garlic and sea salt).  I wasn’t a huge fan of the meat plate, to be honest I’ve had better and the bread knots could have been softer but they were still a great small dish to share with the table.

 AC and I shared the Prosciutto pizza and I think my most favourite part was that it came with scissors to cut!  Again, I feel like it wasn’t the best pizza I’ve had but definitely nothing wrong with it.


The BEST part of the entire meal was by far the dessert.  The tiramisu was to die for.  I may or may not have wanted to bathe in it.  Three of us shared it and from the first spoonful the only thing we kept saying was “Oh my god!”


Overall, Buca was an okay experience.  Its highly possible that I didn’t order the right things so I would definitely give it another shot.  There’s a duck egg pasta that View The Vibe wrote about which sounds and looks amazing!  http://viewthevibe.com/toronto-restaurants-buca-on-king-west/

The place is beautiful and really nice for small groups or a one on one.  I will need to go back if only for that tiramisu.

Till Next time!

604 King Street West

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