The Brunch Buzz – La Cubana

Brunch really is one of my favourite meals.  I’m one of those people that can’t eat first thing in the morning and I always hear the preaching of everyone around me “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.”  Whatever.  With brunch, I get the best of both worlds. I get to sleep in, not eat something right away and then have a blend of some of my favourite foods because the ironic thing is, I actually LOVE breakfast foods.

So you can imagine my joy, when two of my really good friends RS and SS (Yes, you are finally getting a shout out!) texted me on Saturday morning asking if I wanted to do brunch.  In my half sleepy state I texted back “um, yah I do!”.  So off I went on a rainy November Saturday, hopped on the King Streetcar and landed in the lovely little area of Roncesvalles.  I love this little neighbourhood.  I could totally see myself settling down here when I grow up 😉

SS had suggested we try La Cubana which was getting some great reviews and comes to us from the same people of Delux on Ossington.  Apparently Cuban food is quite rare in the city and most of the reviews I read were of pure joy that an authentic cuban diner has opened its doors.  Its a super kitchy, cute and small place that makes you feel like you’re in a very clean subway station with the tiled walls and minimalist furniture/decor.

I grabbed us a table by the window where we could get some light and still enjoy the view of the restaurant.  They had their brunch menus in the form of table mats out so we started to peruse our options as the rumblings in our bellies were growing louder.

Once the waiter offered mimosas we couldn’t say no.  Especially when the options were guava, mango, pineapple and orange.  Now that’s how every morning should start.  The menu had options that seemed familiar but all with a little bit of cuban flare. After much deliberation we decided to start with Cuban Grilled Corn and then we each got the Cuban Breakfast (Slow roast pork, poached eggs and served with rice & beans, tostones and slaw.

There are no filters on these photos for the record.  The corn was just a wonderful little starter.  I love love love corn on the cob and since I’ve started to experience this new style of dressing it, I’ve fallen even deeper in love.

The breakfast itself was such a nice treat away from the standard eggs benny.  As RS put it “the egg is not the star of this show”.  My poached eggs were a little overdone, i do prefer them runnier but because everything else surrounding them was so delicious, I didn’t really mind.  The pork was soft and tender and had the right amount of salt.  The slaw was tart and tangy and brought the crunch to the whole meal.  The rice & beans, one of the more cuban side dishes was simple and filling.  The tostones were probably my least favourite.  I think they were meant to act as a hash brown but were a little harder than I expected.

I would definitely go back because there were a few options on the menu that I would have liked to try but all in all it was really nice to do something different for brunch and of course experience a different style of cuisine.

La Cubana
392 Roncesvalles Ave.

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