Lisa Marie

Ever since moving to the city, it feels so much easier to be spontaneous and just see where the day/night takes you.  Sometimes its a relaxing day doing life things at home and other days its day time galavanting and night time resto/bar hopping.  I guess that’s how this evening shaped up when I realized around 4pm that I had been super lazy all day and wanted to actually be social.  After a few minutes of brainstorming off we were to Lisa Marie which had been on my list of places to go FOREVER!

Lisa Marie is owned by Matt Basile who actually uses the resto as a production kitchen for his food truck Priscilla.  I sampled some of his stuff at the first TUM event I went to and it was a definite stand out.  Lisa Marie also did not disappoint.  Its open concept allows for mostly family style seating on high rise tables with up to 8 people a table.  We were only two so we shared a table with another group.  The decor is rock inspired, dimly lit and exudes a trendy vibe with some kick ass dinner tunes.  The menu is either made up of smaller share plates (1-2 servings) or larger potion share plates for larger groups.


For our first adventure (I say first because I will be back) we had:

Pad thai Fries

Deep Fried Pizza with Smoked Duck -fried mini dough, smoked whole duck, chicharron, hoisin sauce and asparagus slaw


Philly Cheesesteak Tostada – Shaved beef striploin with American cheese, chili grilled red onions, jalapeños and cilantro

Korean Fritas – Cuban beef burger served in a fried bun with kimchi pickles, cilantro, basil, show string leeks and yogurt


If you’re mouth is not watering by now I really don’t know what else to say.  We were so satisfied, impressed, and happy and more than anything, excited that we could come back again and try more of the options that we couldn’t that night.  Portions were small and perfect for sharing but every dish tasted fresh, flavourful and had its own distinct and unique palette.  What I keep telling people about Lisa Marie is that you get a little bit of everything from the menu, it really is hard to describe what the “cuisine” is.   I highly suggest making a reservation because this place is always packed and seems to have an ongoing wait for a table.  Perfect place for a date or night out with your bestie.  Go make that reservation now.

Till next time!



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