Flashback Friday – Lisa Marie

Welcome to one of my new weekly features – Flashback Friday! I figured, what was the point of collecting all these blog posts (really amazing posts tee-hee!) if I couldn’t use them again!  As much as I revel in the thrill of discovering a new place, nothing makes me more excited then knowing its one I’ll come back to time and time again.  And so was born Flashback Friday, a reintroduction to a place that’s tried, trued and loved.

First up is a place that I’ve actually been back to twice in the last two months.  The food never disappoints, the vibe is always the right balance of cool and welcoming and the chef’s Instagram account literally solicits sporadic drooling.  Let me re-introduce you to Lisa Marie.

The menu has done quite the evolution since my first visit about a year go but in my humble opinion its for the better.  They’ve really broadened their selection and become bolder with their dishes.  My most recent favourites:  Alabama Tailgaters (bacon wrapped beff carpaccio, cilantro, aged cheddar & kimchi) and the Elvis in a Jar dessert pictured below (maple syrup/rum french toast, bacon, peanut butter cream and bananas).  To die for.  Oh and don’t forget the Pad Thai fries.  They haunt me in my dreams and during hangovers.

Post on Lisa Marie from March 31, 2014




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