You might know it as Weslodge or you might know it as that place on King West with the big, bright yellow doors.  Either way there’s no way you haven’t noticed this quaint, saloon inspired resto-lounge.  I’ve been a few times moreso for drinks and to be honest, the menu never appealed to me.   And so there I was trying to plan a night out and I came across Weslodge on my OpenTable app and decided to look into it.  Low and behold the menu had been revamped and as I kept reading my mouth kept watering.  I suggested it during a few of my dinner planning sessions and finally had takers with two girlfriends who love trying new places with me.  They also have the same love for bubbles as I do 🙂

So after spending a short and over-rated Saturday evening at the One of a Kind Show we indulged with some pre-dinner bubbles and made our way to the big yellow doors.  My favourite part of the night was knowing that I would be out of the area before the platform heels and “tops disguised as dresses” took over the streets.


Upon walking in you can’t help but be overtaken by the hustle and bustle of the place and how they’ve squeezed people in at every corner.  Not my favourite thing especially since my seat was literally hit or bumped into EVERY time someone walked by.  We were seated at one of the round tables near the back and our delightful waiter greeted us and took our order.  Love the holsters they all wear as part of their uniform.  If only there was way to get away with that in every day life.

weslodge chatelainePhoto Credit: Chatelaine

Photo Credit:  BizBash

On the menu for the evening:

Scotch Egg – Chorizo +‏ Tomato Jam + Black Truffle
Bourbon Paprika Glazed Hen – Citrus Herb Brine

Sides of:
Roasted Green Beens – Chili + Lardo + Garlic Chips + Worcestershire Sauce
Mac and Cheese – Crisp Herbs + Brioche Crumb
House Biscuits
I am apologizing in advance for the pictures because to be honest the lighting in this place was so dim that it was really hard to capture the dishes.  As you can tell from our order we basically put together the perfect family style meal.  We actually wanted to order the Old School Fried Chicken (White Rock Ontario All Natural Chicken + Tabasco Honey + Jalapeno Hot Sauce) but they had sold out for the evening.  Sad Face.  We did however score the House Biscuits that come with the chicken and they were RIDICULOUSLY good.  Melt in your mouth, finger licking, wanted-to-eat-the-whole-plate good.  I wish they had come out with our main dish instead of before because it was really hard to hold back and wait to eat them.  Lets jus say I didn’t exactly hold back.
The Scotch Eggs were up next.  Such a simple dish while indulgent at the same time.  I first tried scotch eggs at 416 Snack Bar and hadn’t had them in a long time.  This one did not disappoint with its soft, creamy and yolky centre, crispy exterior and just the slightest spicy kick.
Finally the main event.  The Hen, Green Beans and Mac and Cheese.  This meal has basically inspired all future Thanksgiving and Christmas spreads.  The hen came out whole just for the show and then was taken back to get deconstructed for us.  You have no idea how much I appreciated that because although I enjoy my meat dishes I have a harder time with things that are still in their “form”.  I won’t lie, the hen was good but knowing we could have had old school fried chicken made it fall in comparison.  Still good and probably the healthier choice in the long run.  How could we not pair this bird with crispy, parmesan coated green beans and and a crumbly, creamy mac and cheese.  A match made in heaven and a food coma very much in the horizon.
So the verdict.  It goes without saying that it was a total surprise to me that the food was as good as it was.  I guess I can understand why it received a Diners Choice award from Open Table and has made some of the best restaurant lists from a number of different sources.  I would 100% go back especially since its also the kind of place you could stay at after dinner and enjoy a few cocktails.  Which you should be prepared to spend at least $14 on.  I will be back.

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