Old School

I am a believer in that there is no season for BBQ.  Food that is BBQ’d is good any time, all the time.  Old School is a 24 hour (yes you read that right) comfort food spot on Dundas west and I had it on my list probably since the day it opened back in May.  Being that it is around the corner from my office I’m shocked it took this long to get there.  The space was previously occupied by Hudson Kitchen which opened and closed in the blink of an eye.  Was kinda sad that I didn’t get to try it out.

Old School is located on the corner of Dundas and Palmerston and as you walk up Palmerston they have a General Store where you can pick up coffee, order take out, grab some fresh baked goods and even buy branded swag.  They literally had a cookie the size of my face.  You also can’t help but notice the industrial size smoker where they are perfecting all their meat in which we totally got a sneak peek at.  The main entrance to the restaurant is on the Dundas side.  The décor is black & white and a sleek/modern take on a diner style atmosphere.  There is a sizeable semi-circular bar right at the front and two dining spaces, one right in the front and then another closer to the back and slightly raised.

Entrance from the Dundas side

oldschool-4-2d1901f3Bar and Front seating area (Photo Credit:  Post City)

We sat down for dinner and immediately poured ourselves over the menu to first decide on our beverages and then of course on to the more important task at hand – the food.  The menu is interesting as there are a few caveats based on the restaurant being a 24 hour spot.

  • A section for items available 24/7 which mainly consist of more breakfast/brunch style options
  • A section for WEEKEND day specials until 4PM – again more brunch style options
  • The rest of the menu which is basically available every day from 4PM to midnight

There were a few of us and we were all in the mood for sharesies so we opted for one of their platters appropriately called The Posse Picnic instead of individual orders.  This included:  A rack of St. Louis spareribs, a quartered smoked chicken, beef brisket, pulled pork, four classic sides and four biscuits.  Our sides consisted of:  Kansas City coleslaw, Hot Potato, Carolina Potato Salad and the Blackstrap Brisket and Beans.  Obviously you can tell by some of the names that they are going for a Southern comfort food kinda vibe.  There was only one picture taken of the food and as you can tell only one was really needed.

IMG_0763The Posse Picnic

I think the funniest part of the entire dinner was that we thought this might not be enough food for us (we were 5 people by the way).  Not only was it enough food but there were definitely leftovers.  It is A LOT of food and good food.  All of the meat was smokey, not over spiced, tender and juicy.  Even MK who has a strong aversion to anything bird related couldn’t help but agree on how well everything was cooked.  The sides were also simple but delicious.  The coleslaw was by far the crowd favourite.  Not only was there not any room for dessert but we pretty much had to be rolled out.  Meat sweats for days.

Definitely would come back but not the kind of spot I would put on a regular rotation.  If you’re looking to really indulge in some good southern cooking then this is the spot but a small piece of advice, don’t plan for anything too active right after 🙂

Until the next adventure!

Discover Old School:
Dinner for 5 including 2-3 drinks a person:  $55/person
Website:  http://oldschoolyyz.com/
Twitter:  @oldschoolyyz
Instagram:  @oldschoolyyz
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/OLDSCHOOLYYZ

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