Exploring Coffee Shops at Rooster Coffee

I had an idea.  I have the opportunity with my full-time job to work a few days from home and instead of sitting at my dining table in my pyjamas, I thought, “why not go to coffee shops in the city and write about them?” Yes that is exactly how I think.

And so this new blog series was born.  The Bean Blog.  Also, if you’re a select group of people you know that one of my nicknames is actually bean.  Genius. My rating scale will be based on if the shop is good for working, studying, reading or any activity that requires a significant amount of time spent.

☕️ –  nope. Grab my java and go.
☕️☕️ – kinda. Sit, sip, check my emails.
☕️☕️☕️ – totally doable.  Sit, get some significant work done, find lunch.
☕️☕️☕️☕️ – I could LIVE HERE!

My first visit was to Rooster Coffee in the East end near Broadview.  I was staying over at my bestie’s house in Riverdale so figured this would be an easy one to cross off my list.

It’s a smaller space then some other coffee shops and feels like something between someone’s kitchen and living room.  There’s a large communal table at the back which can hold about 6 people and their laptops comfortably and then loungy, cozier seating near the front.  It is adorned with rustic but pretty coffee shop decor like crate boxes, chandeliers and tiled walls all of which I want in my own kitchen.


This place is BUSY.  We popped in shortly after a school drop off on Friday morning and there was a line almost out the door.  Once the presumable school rush had died down, there was still a constant flow of people coming in and out.

I had scored one of the lounger seats near the front and was SUPER productive.  Although I am one of those people that can work with a little bit of ambient noise in the background. They have also very conveniently placed outlets and extension cords in very accessible places which I found very helpful.   I indulged in a Toasty Almond Tea Latte which was sweet, nutty and so so yummy.  Definitely kept me warm on that cold morning.

So, all in all, Rooster Coffee House gets a solid 3 beans.

Till the next coffee fix!

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