Brunch at Cafe Neon

I’m surprised it took me this long to write a new brunch post seeing as it’s by far my favourite thing to do on the weekend.  Aside from sleeping in.  Although it’s probably because I’m so hungry by the time we get to brunch that I forget to take pictures and then there goes the plan for the post. Well, here’s to turning over a new leaf!

Brunch with one of my favourite group of gals was taking place at Cafe Neon on what was the FIRST beautiful day of the year.  I heard about this place because EVERY blogger that I follow on Instagram was posting about it.  They were on my feed at least a few times a week so I had to find out what all the fuss was about.

Cafe Neon has two locations in Toronto, the original one is in the Junction and their second one opened on Queen West in 2015.  Owner Niki Tsourounakis says that her inspiration for the restos was from the greek word kafenion which are little cafes known for being the meeting place for friends in the village.  They’ve definitely captured that casual neighborhoody feel with no over the top frills but a welcoming vibe throughout.  They don’t take reservations so we took our chances at 10:45 on Sunday AM.  We were first told that it would be a 45 minute wait for a table but as luck would have it, a table cleared out sooner than later so we were seated right away.


The menu features all day breakfast selections with a separate brunch menu for weekends.  The best way I can describe their approach is that its simple, uncomplicated but with some interesting twists on the classics.  For example, their eggs benedict is served on a scone with either pulled pork or house made rainbow trout.  They also have a handful of options if you have dietary restrictions which is always good to have in this day an age.  I opted for the classic neon breakfast – two eggs any style, choice of bacon, chicken or baked beans, toast, salad and potatoes.  No complains whatsoever about the food, delicious, good portion and my brunch craving was fully satisfied.


So overall take on this spot?  Super cute, perfect spot if you’re looking for good food, a relaxed atmosphere, and affordable prices.  I’d definitely come back but don’t know if I would be willing to wait 45 minutes for a table.  Also if you’re looking for those grey stone marble tables that all the Instagram photos are taken on, I think they’re from the Junction location 🙂


Discover Cafe Neon
Address:  Queen/Ossington or Wallace Street
Instagram: @cafe_neon
Twitter:  @cafe_neon
$ – $20/person with a coffee/tea

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