Breakfast at Simit & Chai Co.

Have you ever been scrolling through your Instagram feed, seen a picture of food and had the reaction “I must have this!”?  So, this happened to me with Simit & Chai Company.  I kept seeing these gorgeous and delicious looking sandwiches on what looked like wider and thinner bagels.  I love me a bagel so I had to come and see first-hand what these were all about.

Simit and Chai Company is located at King and Techumseh and is for all sakes and purposes a small Turkish café and bakery that specializes in tea and you guessed it, bagels.  The space has been kept simple décor wise with high ceilings, exposed brick walls, minimalist light fixtures and of course marble table tops that us bloggers seem to be obsessed with these days.  It’s conducive enough to sit with a group and have a conversation/catch up while also plugging in and clearing out your inbox.

simit and chai outsidePicture Credit: blogTO

simit and chai insidePicture Credit: blogTO

Funny enough, the day I came in they were filming a reality show inside and although I was still able to grab a seat and do my thing, I’d be interested to see what the vibe is like on a regular day.


Simits are the specialty food item as their name would suggest.  They are street style bagels native to Instanbul, but don’t confuse theme for your good old Timmy’s bagel.  North American bagels are traditionally boiled whereas these ones are coated in molasses, rolled in seeds and then baked. You can buy them plain or by the dozen but what you really need to do is try one of their simit sandwiches.   Before I started to attack my inbox I ordered myself a Turkish latte and The Poseidon sandwich which is simply a simit, cream cheese, smoked salmon and greens.


I really wish I hadn’t eaten a bagel for breakfast that morning because this was one delicious sandwich.  It’s also quite a large portion and filling so I feel like I could have easily split the sandwich with someone else.  Turkish coffee is also no joke.  I’m not a big coffee drinker and I’m sure I was up half the night because of the caffeine level in my system.

On the Bean Blog rating scale I would give this one ☕☕☕☕ – I could LIVE HERE!  With a busy workload, I feel like I could jam through a pile of work, get my caffeine fix and eat lunch.

Discover Simit & Chai Company
Address:  787 King Street West
Instagram:  @simitandchaicompany
$$ – $15 for a coffee and sandwich

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