My Favourite Toronto Patios

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.  The sun is out, my freckles are appearing again, clothes are lighter and the general mood in the air is just happier.  Summer, you are the best.  Summer also means getting out and enjoying the weather as much as possible because sadly, we know what is waiting for us right around the corner.  My favourite way to enjoy the warmer temps is either hanging out in a park with a good book or bevy (or both) or taking in the view and some good eats on a patio or rooftop.  Toronto sadly does not have as many rooftops as I wish we did (at least ones that don’t turn into a douchy hang out) but we’re definitely evolving.  Here are some of the patios/rooftops in Toronto that I’m most looking forward to hanging out on this summer:

Broadview Hotel

Toronto Patios
Image: Broadview Hotel

Assembly Chef Hall

Toronto Patios
Image: Assembly Chef Hall

The Beverly Hotel

Toronto Patios
Image: The Beverly Hotel

Terroni Price Street or Queen Street

Toronto Patios
Image: Shaun Merrit
Toronto Patios
Image: Terroni

Wish Restaurant

Toronto Patios
Image: Cookies & Tomatoes

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