Review: The Ten Spot Gel Mani/Pedi

Hair done, nails done, everything ‘did.  Yup, it’s in your head now.

I try not to be too high maintenance when it comes to beauty upkeep, but the one thing that is a must for me is having my nails done.  I’m one of those weird people that is quite conscious of their hands.  God forbid I leave the house without a ring on, I feel naked!  Especially during these summer months where my toes are on full display, I feel like I have to always be ready with a good mani/pedi.

I recently had a chance to check out The Ten Spot which has been a Toronto nail salon staple for over 10 years and has been steadily adding locations across the city.   They first opened in 2006 and their mission was to “bridge the gap between upscale spas offering over-the-top services and at the other end of the spectrum, the cheap and oftentimes questionable chop shops.”  Their first and flagship location is on Queen Street West and  they have now grown to 12 locations in Toronto alone.

The Ten Spot

Upon walking into the space you can see how much care they take with their aesthetic, overall appearance and cleanliness.  The space is open and very bright with touches of their brand colors (grey & orange) throughout.  The staff is super welcoming and friendly and whether you are coming in for a quick touch-up or a more lengthy appointment, they are ready to accommodate you.

I was clearly in no rush so I selected my colors, which is always the most DIFFICULT decision I ever have to make and was led to my station to start on my nails.  I got a gel manicure and pedicure and was excited since I’d never gotten a gel pedi before.

The Ten Spot

What I appreciated most about the process was how thorough they were, yet also understanding that you may have places to go and don’t want to spend your entire day at a nail salon.  They take pride in keeping their tools clean and actually use a sticker on their files and buffers so that every customer get a fresh, new application.

The Ten Spot

The best part about the entire service? I got to sip on some sparkling wine while waiting for my toes to be done.  Happy happy girl.

The Ten Spot

They also offer other services like waxing, facials laser treatment and threading.  If you feel like you want to spoil yourself a little or want a fun afternoon out with the girls, The Ten Spot is definitely a place to consider to get your nails summer ready.

The Ten Spot

Disclaimer:  I was provided services from The Ten Spot in exchange for my honest review.  The opinions and recommendations are always my own.

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