City Life: Christmas Decorating for Condos

Oh condo living.  Love it or hate it, it’s the reality for many who live in the city.  I’m finally at a point where most of the big decor ideas for my space are done.  I have a few small things to do and then I’m really DONE.  The holidays are right around the corner so I’m starting to think about infusing my space with a little bit of Santa’s spirit.  It’s not easy though.  Before trying to recreate Santa’s village in my living room, there’s a few things I need to think about that I’ve learned over the last few years.  Today I am sharing what I’ve learned about decorating small spaces and hopefully it gives you some inspiration to get ready for the holidays.

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I don’t have a storage locker with my condo so if I’m buying items that won’t be permanent fixtures in my space I have to think about storage.  Which is why the 4 foot Christmas Tree I bought 5 years ago now lives at my parent’s house.  If I can’t find a place to store Christmas decor in my condo, I’m just not buying it.  The decor I now have either lives beyond just the Christmas season or all year long.  More on that to come.  All the Christmas specific items I have get stored in ONE bag which fits nicely in my closet until the following year.

Winter themed vs Christmas Themed

This is probably my favourite tip.  Think Winter themed decor vs Christmas.  Pinecones, neutral colours, visuals like snowflakes or deers and patterns like plaid.  These all fit nicely with Christmas but you can put them out as early as November and keep them up all the way through March.  I personally have almost all of the above mentioned elements through my space and I love them.  The key is also trying to find pieces that match your overall decor theme/color theme so they fit in seamlessly.  I recently discovered 3 5 Set, a company that provides everything you need to create a beautiful holiday themed dinner setting for 4-12 people.  The all-in-one set comes with linens, napkins, lights, themed decor pieces, and name card holders.  The best part is you can repurpose the decor outside of just your dining table.  More to come on that. Check out their gorgeous collections here.

Condo Holiday Decor


I am OBSESSED with candles.  I will literally light every candle I own while I’m sitting at home watching Netflix by myself.  Not a care in the world.  Candles and twinkly lights are also another easy way to bring Christmas into your space and warm up the area.  The key here is to choose colors that are neutral and match with your decor.  I usually opt for white candles and white twinkly lights that I display in vases.  Hanging twinkly lights along your windows or behind your curtains is also another beautiful way to use lights that you can keep up all year round.

Condo Holiday Decor

Repurposing What You Have

I brushed over this tip earlier, but think about what you already own that you can repurpose for holidays. I take unused flower vases or bowls and fill them up with things like pine cones, ornaments or lights.  If you use ornaments you can go Christmas themed colors or use neutrals.  I’ll also sometimes find holiday themed pillow covers and just put them over a pillow I already have.

Condo Holiday Decor

Small but mighty

For any Christmas specific decor I’m a big believer in small pieces making a big impact.  Last year I bought a small 12 inch Christmas tree which I use as the centre piece on my dining table during the holidays.  Poinsettias are also a beautiful way to bring a more Christmas specific piece into your space and you can throw it out once the holidays are over or in my case, it dies.  And lastly, keeping some holiday themed Champagne bottles out on your table or bar isn’t the worst way to show your spirit.  No pun intended. As long as you don’t drink all of it 😉

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I hope these tips helped and gave you some inspiration on decorating your condo or small space. I’d love to hear if you guys have any ideas or tips for making the most of your small spaces.

Until next time!

**Disclaimer** I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

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