SoSo Food Club Review

I haven’t done a solid restaurant review in what feels like months and by the sounds of it, it’s something you lovely folks are interested in seeing more of.  I will try, I promise.  This most recent food adventure took me to SoSo Food Club, a spot that is only about a year old and has been on my list since they opened their doors.

SoSo Food Club
Image: Julia (@julesjlceats)

The concept behind SoSo Food Club is around bringing back old school Chinese food but giving it a slight modern tweak.  The people behind SoSo are the same ones behind Otto’s Berlin Doner and Bierhalle which have both quickly become city staples.

Typical Chinese restaurants have a formula for their names often using words like “Legendary” and “Excellent”.  Picking “SoSo” was a little tongue in cheek humour while paying homage to the naming style.  The “Club” part of the name comes from the idea that SoSo is not only a restaurant.  They have a dedicated space in the back of the restaurant where local DJs can spin and you can get your dance on.

SoSo Food Club
Image: Steven Branco (@chiefswaggerofficer)

The first obvious thing you notice when you walk in to SoSo Food Club is the super fun and bright retro vibes.  Think neon lights, dim back bars and bright teal and pink furnishings which I learned is actually a very common colour scheme in Hong Kong dining establishments.

SoSo Food Club
Image: Steven Branco (@chiefswaggerofficer)

Another interesting fact to note, which I greatly appreciate, is that all their ingredients and meat is ethically and sustainably sourced and all made in-house.  Makes you appreciate each dish that much more in my opinion.  And now on to the food.  Their menu is made up of cold and hot dishes, noodles, sides and desserts.  There are so many options to choose from so we decided to let the chef make the decision for us.  They have a feature called “Feed Me” where you tell the staff what you’re in the mood of, allergies, your hunger level and for about $30 a person, they will bring out a selection of dishes of their choice.  We basically ended up trying most of the menu.  Here’s what we had:

Dai Style Smashed Cucumber – tomato, long coriander, garlic, lime, chili
Teochew Sea Bream – raw Sea bream, fried shallots, coriander, fresh chilies, lettuce
Stuffed Chinese Donuts – prawn, house made pork floss, kewpie mayo
Fried Turnip Cake – homemade hoisin, sesame sauce, chiu chau, chili oil
Black Pepper Prawns – whole prawn with black pepper sauce
Lion’s Head Meatballs – sustainable pork with tobiko, aromatic broth, fried garlic, herbs
New Year’s Rice Cakes – Shanghai style rice cakes with 5 types of mushrooms
Lamb Biang Biang – Xi’an house made spinach noodles, New Zealand lamb shoulder, chili cumin

Yup, I know what you’re thinking.  That’s a lot of food.  I’ll highlight some of my personal favourites but there was honestly not a single dish that disappointed our group.

The Black Pepper Prawns, so flavourful and fresh.  The sauce is a thicker consistency with a tangy but spicy kick to it.  I promise you that you’ll want to dip all the other dishes into it.  Would definitely recommend ordering more than one serving if you are a large group.

SoSo Food Club

The Lamb Biang Biang is just bursting with flavour.  I’m usually not a lamb person but the meat was perfectly cooked and didn’t taste gamey at all.  The noodles had that perfect “bite” to them and were so obviously freshly made.  This one does have quite a kick to it but I like things spicy 😉

SoSo Food Club

And finally the Teochew Sea Bream.  Best described as a ceviche style dish. Raw seabram bathing in crispy ginger bits, shallots, chilies and lime.  Each bite was fresh and tart and I loved the different textures from the crispy ginger to the cold crunch of the lettuce and the smooth fish.

SoSo Food Club

There is no doubt about it.  The food, service and experience was absolutely stellar.  I would 100% go back again even just for a few snack plates and drinks.  I also want to check their dance parties one of these days, if I can just get myself out of my pyjamas.

Till next time!

SoSo Food Club
1166 Dundas Street West
Instagram: @sosofoodclub


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