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I always keep my promises and so here’s a long awaited post!
I’m ashamed to say that this place has been on my list of places to go for months and from reading review after glowing review of the food, the anticipation was only building.  On a blustery and cold winter night I finally found myself at this much-talked about King and Church resto with an open mind and empty stomach.
Origin is designed for tapas style dining which is slowly becoming one of my favorite ways of eating because you get to try so many different things at one sitting.  Upon walking into the side entrance which is lined by twinkling blue lights you notice instantly how open the space is.  Exposed brick and plush seating just inviting you to take a seat and indulge.  You also learn that you don’t get any attention from the side entrance and that walking through the entrance on the King side is where you will be properly greeted and then seated at your table 🙂
Our coats were taken for us and put away and we were seated at the bar table nestled along the open style kitchen where you can see all the cooks hard at work preparing and designing which was by far the prettiest looking food I’ve ever eaten.  Glasses of Malbec in hand we started to peruse through the options which are very well organized under the categories of Snacks & Sides, Raw Bar, Mozzarella Bar, Chilled and Hot.  Of course we over zealously decide that we want to try one thing from each section.  I’d like to preface at this point that we totally thought this was do-able – 5 plates between two girls?  Totally do-able.
On our Journey:
Snacks & Sides – Spicy Spanish Fries with Chorizo and Manchego
Raw Bar – Spicy Tuna Hand Rolls with apple, shiso, miso mayo and amaranth
Hot – Chinois Duck Wrap with pickled cucumber, hoisin, sriracha and sour cream
Mozzarella Bar – Bufala mozzarella with confit tomato, basil and preserved lemon
The tuna hand rolls came out first and the first thing that came out of my mouth was “but its too pretty to eat!”.  It should be forewarned that this probably one of the few dishes on the menu that actually cant’ be shared so of course we ordered one each.  I can’t even describe how one small hand roll can be spicy and fruity and savory all at the same time.  I’m a HUGE sushi fan so not only was I getting my fix but explosion of flavors I was experiencing was unreal.
Next came the spicy fries.  Although they were great and the mix of chorizo and manchego cheese made it feel like a gourmet poutine, it was definitely one of the safer choices.  Still fabulous and really, how can you hate on fries?
Next was the Chinois Duck Wrap.  O.M.G.  It came out and again I wondered how we would shared this but we just wrapped ‘er up and alternated bites.  At first bite the wrap literally melted in your mouth. The duck was soft and tender and perfectly marinated in the hoisin and sriracha (that red Chinese hot sauce!) sauces.  The pickled cucumbers added a little crunch and tart flavor and the sour cream cooled off your palette inc case you weren’t able to handle the kick.  At first glance you may think that this wouldn’t be enough for one person but it was so filling and SO good.  Definitely hitting the repeat button on this one!


We were definitely getting full at this point but felt like we needed one last dish to finish off our adventure.  On to the refreshing finish of the bufala mozzarella.  Although in my opinion this was just a fancy serving of bruchetta, I had NEVER tasted bufala mozzarella that was so soft and light that it felt as if it had been melted. Surprise of the night for sure but again was on the safe side.


Overall this place met everyone of my expectations – the food was to die for, the service was super friendly and the atmosphere of the place was one where you could be in a big group or on an intimate date.  I cannot WAIT to go back again 🙂
Address: 107-109 King Street East
Parking: Street Parking
Price: $$$ – depending on how much or how little you order
Service: 9/10
Food: 9/10
Ambience: 9/10

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  1. Erika says:

    I don't often read restaurant reviews; but this one of Origin instantly sucked me in. Gah! I wish I could go there right now! The food and ambiance sounds absolutely amazing!! 🙂

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