Winterlicious is here!

Its that time of year again where new restos and old favourites open their doors for the city to experience everything they have to offer out of their kitchen at sometimes reasonable fixed price.  Winterlicious is upon us yet again which means alot of eating out and more food adventures to embark on.

This year I’m trying a few new places and a tried and true favourite of mine.  On my list so far are:

93 Harbord
Bangok Garden

Why these places you ask?  Well let me be honest, the menu speaks for itself at all three!  I am most looking forward to Toula because  few years ago I went there for a summerlicious lunch and it was by far the best ‘licious ding experience I’ve had.  So many options and the food is AMAZING.  Not to mention the view from atop the Westin Harbour Castle Hotel. 

Hope that you too are embarking on some Winterlicious escapades and do share them!

Toula Restaurant at the Westin Harbour Castle
93 Harbord
Bangkok Garden 

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