The Brunch Buzz – School

How can you not love brunch?  An excuse to sleep in a little and then enjoy a meal in between meals – it’s perfect.  Add in a sunny day, some good company and a Caesar or two and you’re in dining euphoria!  There was one spot that I was trying to check out for some time now but the opportunity just didn’t come up mainly because it’s not the most convenient spot to stumble out of bed and head out to.  I wanted to go to School.  And believe me, that’s probably the one and only time I’ve ever actually uttered that statement.
So with wedding planning as the excuse a few of us met at this famed Liberty Village hot spot to take a trip back to when recess was the highlight of your day, the days ended at 3pm and report cards were the only cause of stress.  This place is clearly popular.  If not for it being completely packed at 11am on a Sunday then definitely for the never ending line up going outside the door despite the pouring rain.
There’s nothing over the top about the design/décor of School except for the small details they’ve incorporated throughout the entire place to bring the classroom to the dining room.  A wall is completely covered with different styles of clocks all set to 3:00pm (School’s Out), the staff is dressed appropriately in school uniforms, an apple is set at each table and you get your bill in a report card envelope.  Adorable.  Not to mention there’s old school cartoons playing on the TV.  Double adorable.
We order our Java and start to sort through their Weekend Brunch Menu – FYI they do have a Weekday Brunch Menu which is a little more extensive.  

On the menu for today:
Spiced Benni – on a cheddar chive biscuit with back bacon, chipotle Hollandaise and Home Fries
Egg White Fritatta – with Guajillo Chilli, Shrimp, Tomatoes, Guacamole, Spinach and Greens (sans le Shrimp)
Chorizo Potato Omelet – with goat cheese, tortillas, salsa, crema and Greens

Off the bat there were definitely not a lot of vegetarian options but they were accommodating enough to make adjustments.  I had the Spiced Benni and was fully sold off the Chipotle Hollandaise.  Although the combination was quite tasty it was definitely a lot heavier and greasier then other benni’s I’ve had.  If I had been slightly more hung-over it would have been the perfect meal but otherwise it was a bit much for this morning.  I didn’t get a chance to taste the other choices and although they looked great, the verdict was also slightly the same on the heaviness of the food.
Would I go back to School?  Sure why not, just like in life sometimes you gotta give school that second chance.  Would actually love to try their weekday brunch.  

Address:  70 Fraser Ave (in Liberty Village)
Parking: Lot across the restaurant and street parking
Price:  $$
Food: 7/10 Sounded delicious, tasted greasy/heavy
Ambiance: 8/10 loved the theme
Service: 7/10 Nothing great, nothing awful

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