Khao San Road

So let’s start off with the apologies. I’ve said it once and I’ll probably say it few times.

“Life got busy. I forgot to blog. But I always remembered to eat.”

The bright side of the whole situation is that in my absence I actually didn’t venture out to try anything new or do anything particularly out of my comfort zone. So really you didn’t miss much. But I’m back and this first excursion was totally worth the mini hiatus.

Everyone has their go to foods – pizza, sushi, pasta, shwarma. The meals you know at the end of the day will satisfy your appetite and won’t fail you when the cravings hit.
A lot of people’s go to food is Thai. Its never been that way for me. Of course I’ve enjoyed my fair share of Thai Basil Chicken and Pad Thai but when it came down to it, I could do with out it.  The flavorless “ketchup” based pad thais, goopy and thick curries and most of all dry stir frys were not at the top of my list.

Until I took a walk down Khao San Road (not literally – but maybe one day!).

My workplace also supports my food craze and they have an International Supper Club where once every few months we try and get together to try out a new cuisine or restaurant in the city.

When I found out that we would be heading to Khao San Road I was beyond thrilled because I had been hearing about this place since they opened up just last year.. Rave reviews paired with my lack of excitement for the cuisine were going to make this an interesting night.

Khao San Road is located on the corner of Peter and Adelaide in a small space that you would probably miss while walking by if not for the bright little neon sign. We found out that on any night the standard wait could be from 15-45 mins and this was no surprise since at 9PM on Tuesday the place was packed.

The setting doesn’t boast anything over the top – long wooden dining tables for bigger groups and small tables for couples along with a long bar for those who can’t be bothered to wait for a table.

They have one beer on tap (SINGHA) which is a cold and refreshing compliment to the abundance of flavor and heat the food brings.

What I ended up indulging in on this visit (as there will be more) are:

Gra Bong – Fried squash fritters battered with red curry paste, shrimp paste and lemongrass
Po Pia Pak Sod Gai Yaw – Fresh Rolls filled with home made chicken sausage, lettuce, carrots, mint leaves and Thai Basil, served with Tamarind, garlic sauce topped with peanuts and Thai coriander
Tao Hoo Taud Samoon Prai – Garlic Tofu – Nuggets of fried tofu breaded in a crispy garlic and fresh kaffir lime coating served with a sweet and tangy garlic sauce (we had the chicken version as well but Tofu was better)

Pad Thai (Street Style) with chicken
Pad Kee Mao – stir fried rice noodles with fresh green chili and fresh garlic, long green pepper, bamboo shoot and Thai Basil laves
(the above dishes can all be served with Tofu, chicken, beef or shrimp, ask the staff for the best combo)

They don’t lie when they say this is the best Thai food in the city.  I have found a new love for Thai food but I can never eat any where else except here.  There is nothing more to be said except the the food is dripping with flavour, fresh ingreidents, heat made the way you want and most of all authenticity which seems to be lacking in today’s Thai cuisine.

Another dish that I plan to have next time which I only had a taste of this time around was the Khao Soi – egg noodles in a coconut milk enriched curry, garnished with crispy noodles, green onion and lime.  Can be served with chicken or braised beef.

Highly recommended to go with a group of people so you can all order different things and sample.  Truly a gem of the city.

I will be back soon and there will be more photos – if I can be patient enough to take them.

Address: 326 Adelaide West (Adelaide and Peter)
Parking: Plenty of street parking or a lots
Price: $$
Food: 9.5/10
Ambiance: 8/10 (simple and quaint)
Service: 8/10 (very attentive, quick and accomodating)

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