The Brunch Buzz – Smith

It’s the small things that matter.  Probably one of my favourite life mantras which seems to become more relevant the older I get.  It’s not the expensive piece of jewellery, it’s sending your favourite flowers.  It’s not the fancy dinner but the home cooked meal.  It’s not the 3 hour conversation but the text message to say “I miss you.”.  No matter what it is, the small things ALWAYS matter.

Smith Restaurant located in The Village seems to be one of those places that focuses on the small things if you can make the effort to notice them.  The name comes from the blacksmith themed décor and since opening in 2011 it has quickly become one of the must go-to brunch spots in the city.  Since summer was in full effect on our visit we had to take advantage of their adorable and amusingly romantic back patio.  Its a nice enough place to make you feel special but cozy enough to make you feel right at home.  Even their menu is inspired by traditional comfort foods and traditional  home cooking.


One of the first things that I took notice of was how their menu was designed as the morning paper.  Small thing, amazing thing.  There aren’t a huge number of things to choose from but the minute the waiter mentioned homemade vanilla whipped cream I was sold – clearly.


On the menu for this lovely afternoon with my Sha Sha – Smith Breakfast (two eggs any style, choice of bacon, sausage or pea meal,  hash browns and toast) and the Daily Smith Waffle which today was toasted almond with the homemade vanilla whipped cream.

Simple, comforting and delicious!  Literally the waffle disappeared in about 5 minutes.  Melt in your mouth DELICIOUS.  Dessert or breakfast? Who knows!

The prices are great, the wait staff friendly and attentive and the food is DAMN good.

Definitely need to go back and get a Smith Benedict in my life.

They also do dinner which again seems to be inspired by good ol’ home cookin’ with a side of style.  Think Buttermilk Fried Chicken, Meat and Potatoes (aka Steak, crispy fingerlings and Chimmichurri aioli), Creole Catfish, Classic burgers and Mint Lamb.

Only negative thing I can say is that the menu isn’t very vegetarian friendly.

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