Grand Electric

After starting to pay attention to the dining scene in Toronto you realize that just like fashion we go through our own ebbs and flows of trends.

There was a time when everything was “Enoteca something”.  Then there was mixology which I still don’t completely understand.  Gastro-pub invaded the city for time period which I loved and now it seems to be a trend towards authentic, eclectic and DELICIOUS Mexican food.  From the likes of Playa Cabana, La Carnita and Grand Electric leading the charge, we finally have more options than just Burrito Boyz for our Mexican food fix.

 I’ve been to La Carnita and loved it – review here: Playa Cabana is still on my list.  I did however get to check out Parkdale’s ever popular Grand Electric.  Just from the lineup that forms outside night after night it was clear this place was building a reputation of its own.  It’s a small little place with hip hop music blaring from its windows and the second you enter its doors you know you’re embarking onto something special.  We got to sit outside in what I like to call their backyard because it’s probably not big enough to be called a patio but feels cozy enough to feel like you’re in your own backyard.  Except you probably don’t have a huge lit up menu like this in your backyard:


Ambience Check.  Hip-hop music check.  Cute backyard check.  And really strong tequila drink which I can’t remember the name of (obviously) CHECK!


And then came the food.  SO good, so messy and doesn’t matter who you’re with, you’re gonna lick your fingers and the plate CLEAN!

From the selection we decided to go with Baja Fish Taco, Spicy Arbol Chicken, Corn Supreme and Beef Cheek – I was too scared to try the beef cheek, won’t even lie.  Something about the words cheek, belly and other body part names in my food that just throws me off.

Everything was to die for.  From the tender tilapia to the smoky heat in the sauces and the fresh citrusy flavors of onions and coriander.

We also tried the special of the night which was sweet and sticky ribs which fell off the bone and made me realize that it had been a LONG time since I had good ribs.


The line ups in these places really don’t amuse me but I guess it always comes back to the old adage of good things come to those who wait.

Will definitely have to head back to a) figure out what the name of that drink was and b) enjoy the little backyard patio before winter invades our city.

Till next time!

Nothing much on their website:

Follow them on Twitter:  @grandelectricTO

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