New Year, New Adventures

This post is clearly 3 weeks late! I actually said to myself that I want to make sure I give my blog more attention in 2013 and low and behold I let 3 WEEKS go by without one peep.  Not the best way to start a new year and try to accomplish a resolution.

So with my favourite motto in my head – better late than never – here I am giving this blog the love and attention it so deserves.  Here is what I solemnly swear to my few but very loyal readers.
At LEAST, one official blog post a week including 3-4 weekly Facebook page content posts.
What I hope to do this year is to discover more about the places I love to go not just to eat but to hang out, grab a drink, relax and just do the things that I love to do.  When I first started writing I wanted this to be a lifestyle guide.  A way for me to document all the things I enjoy doing while also challenging myself to do things that might be outside my own comfort zone.  Somewhere along the way it turned out to be more of a food blog and let’s be honest, I love to eat so really its not surprising at all.  I’m also making it a commitment to myself to write about different things – what I love about the city and maybe even what I don’t.
Alright, time to start promising and start doing! 

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