Winterlicious 2013

I know people have their mixed feelings about Toronto’s Winterlicious and Summerlicious events.  They don’t get the same level of service, food quality is not as great, limited selection and lack of availability.  I get it.  I’ve probably said all those things myself at one point or another but the honest truth is that its the one time that I feel people actually make an effort to make plans, book a reservation and come out for dinner.  Sad but true.  Most of my experiences have been mediocre to great, nothing awful but nothing super fabulous either.  The one place that definitely stands out more than others is Trevor Kitchen. The food was fabulous, service was amazing and a great reason to try a place that’s been on my list!

So Winterlicious 2013 is here, officially starting on January 25th.  As usual I’ve gone through the restaurants and made my short list of the places I want to try.  Can’t wait to start booking them in!

Bella Vista – College Street ($25 Dinner) – BOOKED
Bohmer – Ossington ($45 Dinner)
Hush – King West ($25 Dinner)
Jump – Financial District ($35 Dinner) – BOOKED
Mildred’s Temple Kitchen – Liberty Village ($35 Dinner) – BOOKED
Noce – Queen West ($35 Dinner)
Sazerac – King West ($25 Dinner)
Scarpetta – Thompson Hotel ($45 Dinner)
Trevor Kitchen – Wellington East ($35 Dinner)

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