Flashback Friday – Origin – CLOSED

Everyone knows I love this place.  I think Origin even knows I love this place since the manager and the staff now seem to recognize me when I walk in – not gonna lie, it feels kinda nice.  There was a probably a time where I was going to Origin almost once every couple of months.  It was a go-to for my group of friends who also love it there especially when you don’t want to take the risk of trying something new and unknown.

I have NEVER been disappointed in the food.  I tend to order most of the same things when I’m there (pear/burrata crostini, beet/goat cheese/yogourt salad, duck wraps) but even the new dishes I try are so artfully created and delicious.  It makes me want to lick my plate clean every time.

The service and hospitality has always been stellar and last time I was there the lovely manager was kind enough to send us a free appetizer and comped our desserts.  I definitely need to schedule my next visit back soon!

Its an older post but every words still rings true:

Discover Origin:
Web:  http://origintoronto.com
Twitter:  @origintoronto

Origin - Better than EVER!Pictured:  Chinois Duck Wrap with cucumber, carrots, hoisin sauce, sriracha and sour cream


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