Dinner at Nana

I can’t help it, I had this song in my head the moment we decided to go to Nana.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v0Gu_Yh_keE

Now you will too.

So here’s the reality of blogging when you’re not making a profit and do it simply for the fun of it.  You get lazy.  There have been many a times where I have gone to an event or a new restaurant and thought to myself, I should take pictures and blog about this.  And then I just don’t.  What I’ve been noticing more often than not is that I end up taking one or two pictures and not necessarily a bunch to tell the story of my experience.

I guess that’s why I’ve decided to start doing PETITE POSTS.  Small shorter posts that still provide the same take as my longer ones but may not go into as much detail.  And with that my first Petite Post will be about Nana.

I think I’ve said before that Thai food is not necessarily my go to but ever since having a meal at Khao San Road its changed my opinion.  Nana opened up a year ago on Queen West after the owners of Khao San Road teased their loyal fans with “fake restaurant” openings complete with menus and launch dates.  Clearly the person behind this diabolic plan was owner Monte Wan.  I want to be his friend.

His approach to Nana was to bring to life Bangkok’s street style dining which typically happens outdoors. There are cobblestone floors and one wall (floor to ceiling) is made up completely of bright teal window shutters.  What I love most about this family of restaurants is the vibe when you walk in.  It feels like you’ve walked into a house party.  We made a reservation and still ended up waiting about 15-20 minutes but didn’t even realize it because the lovely hostess allowed us to order a bottle of wine and brought glasses to us as we waited.  The music was also on point (old school hip hop and R&B throwbacks) so we literally didn’t even notice the wait.

That’s me!

We ordered the famous Khao Soi Kai with chicken, the Pad See Ew and the Pad Gra Prao w/Tofu.

I mean if you’re not salivating by looking at that photo I don’t know what else to tell you.  The food was just as delicious, authentic and flavorful as what I remember from Khao San Road.  We literally did not leave a morsel of food on the plate and in between breaks of Snoop Dogg and Biggie we could not stop dancing in our seats.

Discover Nana:
Web: http://www.stnnana.com/
Twitter:  @stnNANA

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  1. TSP says:

    Looks delicious!

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