Drinks at The Walton

Sigh, that inevitable smell of summer.  A mix of sunscreen, ice cream and sweat all rolled into one.  Which also means its time for patios to dust off their benches and tables and get ready for the swing of Torontonians looking to get day drunk while enjoying the outdoors.

This week has been surprisingly above seasonal temperatures and also my birthday week so I mean how could I not be taking advantage of patio season.  I’ve also decided that after years of talking about it I’m actually going to PROPERLY document a patio series for this blog.  So comes the Patio Pursuits.

1st up is a place that is just down the street from my office and recently opened up for business called The Walton.  You can tell just by walking by that it’s a little something different from the rest of the College street offerings.  They opened up in the fall of 2015 and position themselves as a grown up cafe and cocktail bar.  Don’t expect super dim lighting and over the top loud music where you can’t even hear the person next to you.  It’s actually quite the opposite.  Refined drinking and snacking.  During the week they are actually open in the morning offering pastries and coffee and provide the perfect spot to “work offsite” should you want to take advantage of their WI-FI.  Their menu is not necessarily meant for a full meal but more like snacks while you have your glass of wine or cocktail.  Think meat and cheese boards, mini pies and sandwiches.

On this beautiful afternoon we just had to take advantage of what they boast as the “most beautiful patio in the world”, which I mean I can’t completely argue with.  It’s super adorable.  In the day you’re surround bye overarching trees, lanterns and just a hint of the sunlight poking through and I’m sure at night time the cuteness gets turned up with the lanterns and lights come on.


We indulged in some delicious meats and cheeses that came out on some pretty kick ass boards and of course wine.



Go here.  You will not be disappointed.  Cocktail list is extensive and the service is ALWAYS delightful.  They definitely have the hospitality thing down right.

Discover The Walton:
Web:  www.thewalton607.com
Twitter:  @thewalton_TO
Instagram:  @thewalton_TO

The Walton Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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