Dinner at The Captain’s Boil

“If it’s from the sea, it’s not for me” is a statement one of my favorite people at work uses quite often when we refer to any meal that includes seafood.  Although I don’t necessarily prescribe to that exact feeling, I also can’t say that I overly LOVE seafood.  I probably have fish 1-2 times a week, usually in the form of sushi and its never my first pick on a menu.  This evening, our work dinner club adventure took us out to The Captain’s Boil.  This place was ALL OVER my social media feeds at one point.  The pictures made it out to be a war zone of legs, shells and bones.  Part of me was intrigued and part of me was terrified.  You live once right.


They don’t take reservations so we had a 45 minute wait once we put our names down.  Watching everyone literally devour bags of sea friendlies was quite the pre-meal show.  I also have this weird thing about eating any kind of fish/animal it its form.  I love a good fillet, a full fish with the head and eyes on?  Not my thing.  That was my other worry since I had definitely seen a lot of eyes and limbs in photos.

Here’s the deal at this place. Step 1:  you order your seafood by the pound, Step 2:  pick your spice level, Step 3: choose one of their three sauces to have the food tossed in.  You also get to wear an adorable plastic bib and gloves should you need them.  I would for sure suggest the bib.


We decided to go with:
King Crab Legs
Fried Rice & Fries

We went with the the Captain’s Boil sauce which is a mix of the three sauces (Cajun Cajun, Lemon Pepper and Garlic Sauce).  I dived in and OH. EM. GEE.  Aside from having to pull the heads off the shrimps and give them to someone else to eat everything tasted SO GOOD.  The sauce was just ridiculous.  Spicy, garlicky, tangy and just bursting with flavour.  Their spice levels are also no joke so don’t try and be a hero.


After our meal we pretty much needed to be rolled home.  I would also suggest drinking ALOT of water either during or after the meal because you will feel the salt intake and be reaching for a jug in the middle of the night.

Not sure if I would necessarily go back, it was fun for the novelty of it but not something I think I could do on the regular.  Definitely a fun group dining experience but don’t expect to have any major plans after dinner.

Discover The Captain’s Boil:
Web:  http://www.thecaptainsboil.com/
Twitter: @thecaptainsboil
Instagram: @thecaptainsboil
Facebook:  www.facebook.com/thecaptainsboil



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