Dinner at Sidecar Restaurant

Patio, wine, steak.  Pretty much sums up my recipe for the perfect summer.  Sidecar is one of my staples in the sense that I probably eat here at least once a month.  Not just out of convenience since its down the street from my office but they make a pretty kick ass steak frites.  They also have a three course prix-fixed menu from Sunday to Wednesday for $35 so I mean, how can you go wrong?  Sidecar has been open since 2007 and they continue to be celebrated for amazing quality food, cocktails and service.

I found myself at Sidecar on another lovely summer evening and not only were we craving their steak but we were dying for some time on their back patio.  Another one of those College street hidden oasis type patios where you can forget that you are even in the city.  On this bright and sunny evening it was the perfect way to end the day.


I actually don’t think I’ve had anything other than the Steak Frites at Sidecar.  Its just the perfect meal and for a girl that doesn’t really cook steak at home but craves it, it really is the perfect little meal.  So for the prix fixe you get your appetizer (I always go for the Ceaser Salad), your main and a dessert.  There hasn’t been a variety of options for the dessert which is unfortunate but the rest of the meal makes up for it.  I’ve also had their beef carpaccio as a start numerous times which is also delicious.  Bonus – their bread comes with a fresh hummus instead of plain ol’ butter.


I think the picture speaks for itself.  The steak is perfectly cut and cooked to perfection with a dusting of sea salt and the fries are accompanied by a spicy aioli.  The other fun part about Sidecar if you didn’t already know is that their upstairs is home to the Toronto Temperance Society where they make the most delicious cocktails!  You do need a special access card to get up there but I’m sure if you’re nice enough to the staff they’ll let you up for a quick drink.

Discover Sidecar:
Web: http://www.sidecarrestaurant.ca
Twitter:  @sidecar
Instagram:  @sidecar_toronto
Facebook:  www.facebook.com/Sidecar-Bar-and-Grill

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