Lunch at The Pie Commission

I’ve mentioned before in previous posts that I work in what is probably the mecca of food options for lunch.  On College, around the corner from Kensington and a hop & skip to Dundas West.  I’ve also posted before about some of the delightful lunch excursions I’ve been on and decided that maybe I should do this more often.  Hence the inspiration for this post.

On today’s adventure we took a stroll down to Dundas West to procure us some savoury pies from none other than The Pie Commission.  Their first location was literally a small storefront window outside of their factory located in Etobicoke.  The owners who have had stints in both England and London had the brilliant foresight to realize that savoury pies was a food that Toronto was missing.  Since the opening of that location they now have a second location on Dundas West.


Their menu is mainly made up of traditional savoury pies with a few twists like butter chicken and a Veggie-licious.  My personal favourite is the beef and beer – Great Lakes Brewery beer braised mince beef with onion and homemade veal stock.  Definitely more of the traditional fare.


Price point is between $8-9 for the pie and another $2-3 for a side salad or fries.  Best part?  They sell their pies in frozen form should you need a quick hangover cure.


Discover Pie Commission:
Instagram:  @thepiecommission
Twitter: @PieCommish


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