Things To Do During Summer in Toronto: Movies Under the Stars

This past August long weekend I got a chance to really explore the city like a tourist.  I went to Centre lsland for the first time, rode a bike around the waterfront and FINALLY crossed off something from my Summer bucket list that I’ve been wanting to do forever.  Movies in the park!  And much to my delight they were playing ROMEO AND JULIET! Hello baby faced Leonard Dicaprio.

We took off for Christie Pits park where the Christie Pits Film Festival was hosting this delightful evening.  It had rained a little in the day and was overcast but we still made the most of it.  I learned very quickly that we came really unprepared.  Next time – pillows, wine and food must be on the list.IMG_4317.JPG

Luckily, Caplansky’s had their food truck out for those who forgot their own treats so I fully took advantage of the situation and indulged in a smoked meat sandwich.


Aside from a little bit of discomfort from sitting on an incline without a pillow (yes I’m old), this is totally the perfect way to spend a summer evening.  Literally, SO happy as you can tell by the picture.


Can’t wait for the next one!

Christie Pits Film Festival:
Instagram: @christiepitsff
Twitter:  @ChristiePitsFF


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