Cook It Meal Kits

You guys know that I’ve started cooking a lot more at home.  It’s an easy way to stay healthy, save money and appreciate the joy of cooking.  Living in the city gives you so many options for take-out and dining but sometimes you just want a nice home cooked meal.

In the last few years meal kit subscriptions have popped up all over the city delivering fresh ingredients and easy recipes right to your door.  Even if you’re not an avid chef or have barely fired up your stove, these recipes are so fool proof that you’ll be cooking in no time.  I’ve tried a few services myself and they’ve definitely taught me more about cooking techniques and introduced me to foods and recipes that I may not have tried on my own.

Cook It has been breaking ground in Quebec for the last few years and they’re now ready to expand to Ontario.  The concept remains the same as some of the other services you may already be familiar with.  Cook It offers 5 different chef inspired recipes every week from which you choose based on your subscription level. I chose the subscription based on the lowest number of people, so I got to choose 3 recipes.  Their produce is local & seasonal, the meat is hormone free and their fish is sustainable. The packaging is also biodegradable and recyclable, and everything is made to measure so there is little to no waste.


I received my first box when I landed home from a short vacation which was perfect in terms of timing.  I had little to no desire to go grocery shopping so when this box arrived at my door I was absolutely thrilled!  The ingredients are all sorted out so you can un-package and go.


My haul for this week included:

  • Creamy Prosciutto Gnocchi with Ricotta, Spinach and Basil
  • General Tao Chicken Wings with Fries & Sesame/Ginger Coleslaw
  • Steak with Parsley Butter, Rainbow Carrots and Fries

My favourite out of all the meals was definitely the steak.  It’s not something I make very often at home so I always feel like it’s a little treat.  I had also never tried rainbow carrots before and they were so colorful on the plate.


Overall the instructions are super easy to follow, the recipes are not complicated and the results are quite delicious.  I was also impressed that their recipe selections were not just salads or pastas but meals that you would typically order out and can now make at home.


My challenge with these meal kits subscriptions as one person is, I find that after making my second recipe I hit a point where I want a break from cooking.  But if you don’t make the recipe soon, the ingredients go bad.  For instance, I didn’t get to make the chicken wings because I waited too long and the chicken was off.

I do however really like the convenience of these kits when I’m having a busy week and I’m strapped for time but still want the comfort of home cooking.

If you’re interested in trying Cook It, I’ve partnered with them to offer you $30 OFF your first order. Just use the Promo Code THECITYISMINE30 when you create your account at

Would love to hear about your experience and what you thought of the service.

Until next time!

**I was provided with a free trial of Cook It for this post.  Opinions are always my own.

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