Dinner at Do Not Disturb (CLOSED)

When someone tells me that I will want to “order everything on the menu”, I can’t help but get a little excited about what’s in store for dinner.

Do Not Disturb is appropriately (and hilariously) located inside The Beverley Hotel at Queen and John.  I’ve been to this boutique hotel for drinks on their adorable rooftop so when I heard they opened a restaurant I was both surprised and intrigued given how small their space is.


The restaurant is located on the main floor behind the quaint lobby bar and features Instagram worthy décor in every nook and cranny.  My favourite was the neon lit sign reading “meet me in the lobby”.  Super cute. Like I said, it’s not a big space, I’d say 25-30 seats at the max but with mural style wallpaper and a touch of South Beach style décor, it feels super cozy. The vibe was also very lively with music playing throughout and a rather animated crowd at the bar.

Do Not Disturb.jpgPicture Credit: blogTO


So on to more important things, the food.  The owner/chef of The Good Son (also one of my favourite restos in the city) is behind the food at Do Not Disturb and my friend was right, I did want to order everything on the menu.  It’s not a massive selection but everything is meant to be shared which I love to do.  For 4 people we ordered about 6 dishes + dessert, which left us ready to be rolled home.   I’ve heard their cocktail menu is seriously on point but sadly, Dry January prevented me from experiencing it.

On our table for the night:
In the Mix – warm mixed olives, peppers, spices, grilled bread
Spicy Brussels –  with maple soy glaze & chili
Nona’s Meatballs – meatballs, marinara, creamy polenta
Burrata – with roasted squash, pepitas, chilies, aged balsamic, grilled bread
KFC – Korean Fried Chicken, gojuchang, sesame seeds, scallions
Bo Ssam – kalbi marinated sirloin, garlic fried rice, poached egg, assorted pickles
Milk n’ Cookies – 2 chocolate chip cookies and milk

Is your mouth watering yet?  Everything was delicious, there was nothing that I wouldn’t order again.  I apologize in advance for the picture quality, the lighting wasn’t working in my favour.

The olives were a perfect way to start.  Perfectly warm with a nice kick thanks to the little spice bath they were in . The Brussel sprouts were smoky, sweet and spicy, almost too good to share and burrata was soft and creamy and paired really nicely with the roasted squash.  The meatballs were in all fairness a little random amongst our spread but how can you say no to meatballs?  Since there were four of us, we figured it was an easy share.


Our two main dishes were a feast for the tummy and the eyes. The Korean Fried chicken was juicy and  tender on the inside with a crisp, tangy exterior – another great share plate that comes in either 3 pieces or 6.  The Bo Ssam was probably the biggest surprise of the night since we had initially written it off when looking at the menu.  But after the staff’s glowing recommendation, we went for it.  Imagine a platter with grilled meat, fried rice, pickles and an assortment of sauces which you wrap in big pieces of lettuce. Divine.


And then to top it off, the cutest and sweetest serving of fresh chocolate chip cookies and milk.  My 5-year-old heart was very happy.


The final verdict – so so so good.  Perfect date night spot or a fun night out with your gals.  The best part is you can pop on up to the rooftop for a drink post dinner and I mean, if the mood really strikes, you are in a hotel after all 😉

Discover Do Not Disturb:
Web:  https://www.dndtoronto.ca/
Instagram: @dndtoronto

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