Bring on 2018

Happy New Year my lovely readers! I meant to publish this post much earlier in the week but since we’ve been living in Elsa’s Frozen universe, I have been dealing with a nasty sinus cold which had me down for a few days and unable to look at screens for very long.  Still not 100%, but I’m officially on the mend so here’s my 1st post of the year!


Its officially the start of a new year which means everyone is making their resolutions, hitting the gym and eating healthier.  I’ve never been one to make resolutions for the new year but instead I look back on the year and think about what I’ve done that’s worked and how I can improve on what I’ve been doing.

For example – over the last few months I started working out 3-4 times a week and became more conscious about what I was eating.  Diets, eliminations, restrictions never work for me but finding a balance between eating healthy and letting myself indulge gave me results. I mean, how would I have any content for this blog if all I ate was boiled chicken and broccoli? I’m sure you noticed by my recent posts, but I also started cooking more which has been a lot of fun and something I hope to continue doing and sharing with you all.

Aside from a few health and spiritual guideposts that I’ve set for myself for the year, one of my big goals is to place more focus on this little blog of mine and try to take it to that next level.  I recently consolidated the categories that I write about and also redid the layout of my site.  My next few goals will be focused around growing the following and looking at it more like a business than just a hobby.

  1. Improve on the quality and consistency of content
  2. Move from WordPress to an actual web hosting service
  3. Amp up SEO
  4. Grow the following
  5. Monetization strategy

I also have to give a really big shout out to some of the bloggers I follow who have been so honest and helpful with their struggles and have shared their experiences along the way.  It has been eye-opening to hear about the hurdles others have experienced but humbling to feel part of such a fantastic community.

I hope that whether you’ve made resolutions or not, 2018 is a fabulous year for you filled with love, laughter and exciting adventures.

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